ABOUT rf-diy

Our company rf have thirty  years of experience about electronic . We are trying to prepare best quality and price of electronic products.

We have a great range of electronic products such as capacitors , vacuum tubes , resistors , meters , inductors and a lot of electronic products. So our company rf-diy always have been giving the best service to electronic lovers .

Our goal is that to prepare best products and best quality for our customers . So we will always take the responsibility of what we have and will done .

Whatsapp : +905012424245

Emaile : arashkeshmiri@outlook.com


we are uploading our products and it isn’t done for now.

so if you want any products which you think is available in our shop just send us email and we will be answering asap.

by the way all we want is that to do our best for our costumers .

about our products



more than 20 kind of capacitors are available in our shop .

we have old and discontinued capacitors which you can only find in our shop .

vacuum tubes


all of our vacuum tubes are original and we don’t have any kind of chines vacuum tube.

our shop rf-diy have a huge range of vacuum tube which is perfect.

if you can’t find the vacuum tube( which you are searching for )you can send us email and ask us for your special tube.


rf-diy meter

we have lot of analog panel meters .

our company  have meters which can be only used in special instruments .

we can customize some of our meters for you if you want.


we have opened our inductors from old instrument which  mean they are used .

but it doesn’t mean that those are broken and have any problem .

all of inductors have been tested by our team and we guarantee the intact of them .